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April 20, 2017


This party is sponsored by Casamigos tequila and will provide the perfect backdrop to party hard and in style in the privacy of your house, villa or yacht.  Working with the best local DJs, this party brings the finest electronic and underground music to you and your friends.

Bar Service

The bar service consists of a Casamigos Branded bar & a slick, matt black bar which is managed by two professional cocktail barmen who will pour tantalising cocktails to all your guests all night long.  The cocktail bar is complemented by a superb waitress service who will ensure your guests are kept with drink in hard, wherever you may be.

Clients are able to choose which brands they wish to drink and therefore which cocktails.  Typically we have served Mojitos, Daiquiris, Long Island Iced Teas and Pina Coladas.  As the parties are sponsored by Casamigos, this is the premium tequila on offer.


Working with the Hastronaut, which is a record label and collective of artists living on Ibiza who have come together to represent talent & creativity on the island, we are able to offer an exciting line up of DJs. Tier 1 DJs available with the Casamigos party are:

Ben Fhurst; Lisa Chadderton, Motoe Haus, Rufus White, Abel Pons, Dan Kelly, Unison / Pan Papison, Ainsley Gowans & Lorcan (DJ Bio’s which contain more details about each DJ can be emailed upon request)

When to Party?

We don’t wish to be the ones to tell you when you can throw a party, merely to advise you of some of the things to consider.  It is important to know that there is an island wide noise restriction in place from midnight which means that if a neighbour or someone reports you, the police may arrive and ask you to turn the music down.  Largely this will depend on how isolated the villa is and how far the sound carries from the party.  If the villa is in an urban environment or there are neighbours, it might be a consideration to set the sound rig up inside the house or villa.

Alternatively, we have thrown lots of parties which run up until midnight, before everyone heads off to a club or early morning from 8am when everyone returns from the club.  Day partying is becoming ever more popular on Ibiza and doesn’t incur the wrath of the noise police.

Additional Features

  • Casamigos tequila
  • George Clooney present Casamigos Tequila


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